Terms of Use

"Six nines" is what service availability is called when it is equal to 99.9999% (one mistake per a million attempts). To claim such a high availability we have to make at least a million measurements, which will take at least two years if we measure every minute. SixNines is providing such a long-term service for small and medium websites, which can't afford bigger enterprise-size solutions.

SixNines is owned and managed by Zerocracy, Inc. (470, 555 Bryant Str, Palo Alto, CA 94301, USA, 860.506.5536). All payments are processed via Stripe (USA).

SixNines charges $4.95 every time you add a new URI to check. But you don't pay anything else, ever.

SixNines will be up and running at least until April 1st, 2027 and if we shut the business down earlier, you will get a full refund from us for all purchases you've made.

SixNines refunds any of your payments within 90 days without any questions asked. Just email us and you get a full refund.

SixNines is an open source product. You're very welcome to contribute via GitHub.

SixNines is hosted by Heroku.

Our logo is made by Daniel Bruce from flaticon.com